Fiberglass Silk Wrap Nail Kit For Nail Art Quick Extension Gel UV Lamp Tool Base, Top Coat, Tweezers, Brush, Nail File & Clip

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Bullet Points:
1、The nail wrap is made of silk which makes it more comfortable and softer than normal nail wrap.

2、The nail wrap is adhesive and you don't need to apply it with glue or other material,saving your

 precious time.

3、Used before non-removable UV gel & acrylic nails.
4、The nail wrap is clean ,with no harm to your nails and can be used safely.
5、Perfect for repairing broken or damaged nail tips, reinforce your nails.

Fiberglass Silk Wrap Nail Kit For Nail Art Quick Extension Gel Equipment Fibernails Building 

UV Lamp Tool Base, Top Coat, Tweezers, Brush, Nail File & Clip

The nail wrap is adhesive and you don't need to apply it with glue or other material,saving your precious time.
The nail wrap is made of silk which makes it more comfortable and softer than normal nail wrap.
Perfect for repairing broken or damaged nail tips, reinforce your nails.
The nail wrap is clean ,with no harm to your nails and can be used safely.
Used before non-removable UV gel & acrylic nails.

How to use:
1. Apply base coat and fiberglass on the nails;
2. Stick the nail silk wrap on your nails and tailor the nail shape you need
3. Make the sealing of fiber above and below with UV builder gel;

4. Cure the nails under UV/LED lamp for 1-2 mins. After few seconds, applypinching 

clips to maintain the curvature;

5. Remove the pinching clips from nails;
6. Technical sanding, this step is very important;
7. Apply no wipe top coat which leaves the nails always shiny, and helps in thedurability of the nail.

Package includes:
3 x Poly extension gel
1 x Top Coat (12ml)
1 x Base Coat (12ml)
1 x UV lamp
1 x Silk Nail Wrap (1 M)
6 x Nail Form Clip
2 x Tweezers
1 x Nail Brush

1 x Nail File Buffer